Varied development experiences and high quality code

When passion and motivation combine with high quality diverse experiences, magic can happens. This is what that can make of a regular developer a happy skillful individual, and we know it! We work on a wide range of projects with lot of entrepreneurs around the world. This is why none of our developers get bored with doing the same type of project. And that’s how you’ll grow a varied and rich development experience. Last but not least, all our engineers are full stack, which means you’ll work on one project, from the technical conception till the end, to development and testing. Learn more

Career excellence and full control

Start with a fixed, long term contract and evolve as the next expert or manager. We created a smooth HR process so you can pro-actively track your career progress and manage your skills. At the House of Geeks, you have access to the wealth of training sessions and job evolution opportunities which allow you to evolve at your own pace in the direction which suites you the best. Learn more

Be Seeds of systemic resilience

We always keep an eye on the bigger picture. That’s why you’ll be coached to develop your emotional intelligence, leadership and design thinking skills as much as your technical coding skills. We want you to become a empathetic, tech creative problem solver - not just an excellent developer. Learn more

Accelerate your personal and professional development