Competitive employee benefits

Every engineers is hired on a long term contract with a fixed salary, performance-based bonuses and social benefits. By joining us, you’ll become part of a team in which productivity is intensive, not extensive, and people get fully involved in their projects instead of looking at the time passing by on a chair. We also consider the well being of our team and give the flexibility for working schedules and holidays rights.

Pro-active career management

On top of our HR, a mentor will help you to define your career plan and make the most out of all the growth opportunities that we put at your disposal.

Become a tech expert or our next manager

As you evolve in the House of Geeks within our continuous training ecosystem, you’ll be able to pick a specialization as a manager or a technical expert among Mobile and Web applications, Mobile and Web video games, Deep learning, Machine Learning, and other AI methods

Continuous training

A great engineer never stops learning. You will get regular training sessions on the topics of your choosing to build your expert profile.

Embark on a journey with amazing people

More than a workplace or a company, the House of Geeks is a community of like-minded people. Our top engineers coach and support each other on their way to reach the full-stack excellence. To join this community, you need to be as great at learning as you are at sharing your knowledge from experiences you gain through different projects.

Work hard. Play hard.

The House of Geeks is a community. Really.

Be demanding with