Develop an exceptional varied and rich professional experience

There is a lack of excellent skilled software engineers because of the lack of good quality projects which can be enough challenging. At the House of Geeks, we know that those with passion, motivation, and diversified backgrounds, who are ready to face new challenges, can become great happy developers. Thanks to a wide range of projects from all around the world, our developers never work twice on the same app while helping entrepreneurs to fulfill their visions.

Work hard and dream big

We see our developers as artists, working on their masterpiece. That’s why, we are very demanding with each of our engineers. We want to work with people who have a genuine passion for problem solving and software engineering. Those who put on the hours to reach the excellence. The team players.

Focus on code excellence

All our engineers are full stack and so will you. Each app needs only one developer from the technical conception to development and testing. The House of Geeks is a place where every engineer is put in an environment with the best conditions in order to learn and reach to the highest code quality.

Discover the process that works for you

We design and keep improving our processes based on dozens of applications we’ve shipped. We keep all conception and development phases transparent so anyone who is involved in the project can track the progress on his side. This lean structure allows every each of our engineers focus on what they excel at best : doing conception and coding

Live the wealth of career opportunities

Passionate individuals are continuously on the look for new challenges and opportunities. That’s why we offer a continuous training for our engineers for their personal and professional growth. They each have a customized road-map to become 10X full stack developers. Along the way, they can specialize themselves in web and mobile, AI or video games or team management.

We develop creative engineers

Projects very seldom fail because of technology. They usually due to lack of interpersonal skills. At the House of Geeks we train engineers to become high-end developers as much as empathetic creative rational problem solvers and leaders.
Joining us means being ready for anything. Being ready very early in the process to help entrepreneurs building their ideas. Being ready to work with all heart to learn a new technology and get quickly up to speed. Being ready to become a highly valuable team member.

Switch-off the autopilot